Official Live Video

TOTALLY TOM PETTY HOSTS THE WOMEN OF ROCK is a world class show band / multi-tribute band that puts forth a very unique and highly appealing, energetic concert.
On this exciting tour, “Totally Tom Petty” played by Phil Dunget, with his jaw-dropping showmanship and uncanny likeness to Tom Petty, is on the road with 3 Famous Women Rockers:
Coolest Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, the Sensational Stevie Nicks, and Passionate Pat Benatar, all played tribute by the unusually versatile and convincingly powerful performer, Linda Maze. All three women stars make their way one by one to rip up the stage with Totally Tom Petty and the band during the concert.
This is sure to please with tons of mega hits from all 4 artists and a fantastically believable show.

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‘Thank you so much for an awesome night of live band entertainment!! This was an excellent show, if you weren’t there… you missed a great time!’
– Gitte Unger

‘What a fantastic live band – so much energy in a great entertainment package and Linda Maze‘s voice is absolutely amazing!
A few of our customers came up and seriously asked me if she was the real Pat Benatar! The crowd and staff absolutely loved this band!”
– Susan Koroll (Newlands Bar and Grill Manager)

Phenomenal covers of TP….its hard to get his sound and you nail it……and Linda Maze…all your covers are dead on with….only one thing…
You’re hotter than all those girls put together….they all had fantastic voices, as do you…you even beat Chrissy.